Who are Protect Our Winters?

POW is a network of companies, organizations and regular ski and snowboarders working together for the climate. Their goal is that the snow sport will reduce its climate impact and become a stronger voice in the community debate. POW wants us to realize that we are part of the problem that exists when it comes to climate impact.

Be Helplful!

We would like you to support this great network and take action in your ways to make just a tiny change for the climate!

“The planet is getting warmer, the snow is melting and the conditions for skiing and snowboarding are getting worse. We are here to tell you about the dark future of the winter and thereby mobilize more in the struggle for the climate. We want to create a wide range of businesses, organizations and regular ski- and boarders who decided to act in response to the climate challenge.
Our goal is that the snow sport should reduce its climate impact and become a stronger voice in the community debate. We are working on a broad front to achieve our goals. It is about making visible and debating the climate issue, informing and educating, mobilizing and engaging more in the struggle for the climate. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can actually do something for the climate.
For us skiers and snowboarders, it is about traveling smarter, eating greener, living easier, learning more and spreading the message.
It’s about changing how we transport, how we eat and how we consume. We all start at different places and that’s okay – the important thing is that we’re moving in the right direction “

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The Legend

Bakkåsar is a being who lives around Bakkå Röfjälle a mountain so deep within the forest of Teanndaelie in the northern part of Sweden that you can only see it when the northern light stands about right. Once a year all Bakkåsar gathers around the lonely white tree at the foot of the mountain to celebrate and plead. According to legends they smoke their pipes and the smoke of these hundreds pipes spreads like mist in to the forest and it´s surroundings. Like an cover on a little October child. This comfort the forest and brings it final winter rest. And the snow that they love so much can fall several feet high and stay in peace until the spring sun yet again sprout.