The legend

Bakkåsar is a being who lives around Bakkå Röfjälle a mountain so deep within the forest of Teanndaelie in the northern part of Sweden that you can only see it when the northern light stands about right. Once a year all Bakkåsar gathers around the lonely white tree at the foot of the mountain to celebrate and plead. According to legends they smoke their pipes and the smoke of these hundreds pipes spreads like mist in to the forest and it´s surroundings. Like an cover on a little October child. This comfort the forest and brings it final winter rest. And the snow that they love so much can fall several feet high and stay in peace until the spring sun yet again sprout.

And what we have heard only one man of Teanndaelie have seen this phenomenon and his name is Ove. Appertiff is our tribute to Bakkå Röjälle and it´s pipe smoking Bakkåsar because we as them; do love waist high powish snow.

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Welcome Friends! It’s a pleasure to finally present what we’ve been up to the past year.

Together with No Budget Production, we chased the snow through northern Scandinavia to build a double video part. We choose to call it – ”FULL PARTY”.

If you like what you see, don’t be afraid to either share it, or just let us know! Thank you for watching. – FAT & FURIOUS


Bild: @zandyphoto

Film av: @nobudget_production

FAT & FURIOUS in FULL PARTY from Abbe & Theo on Vimeo.

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